A webseries about finding solutions for the planet and for ourselves
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In brief

The team: An audacious and strong-willed french-hungarian couple.

The project: Travelling around Europe using an electric bicycle and trains looking for philosophers and inspiring people who have found solutions to save the environment and social justice. We chose a treasure hunt format as games have a super-power : it's the best way to learn.

Where? : 'A game to save the world' will show you beautiful landscapes of Europe: the nature, its vibrant cities. We will see Jerome's lifestyle in the wild and on the road, encapsulated in a semi-documentary show, and a lot of encounters with contributors who have found solutions and who can help in his treasure hunt.

When? : Now. Climate change is beginning and social anger is real. More and more people are searching for solutions they can gradually implement in their lives and a wider audience is starving to hear more positive and inspiring news. It's now time to take advantage of awareness rising to propose ground-breaking alternatives. We will start our journey during the first semester 2020. More information here soon.

Why? : 'A Game to Save the World' is a ground-breaking new format that offers people to interact with the content of the game itself, connect people together via social networking possibilities and a game everyone can play to boot. For example, the audience is largely invited to send questions and propose initiatives they heard of, to individuals and high profile contributors Jerome meets in different countries.

Who is that for? : For everyone, in the UK and abroad. 'A game to save the world' is a fun story promoting ecological lifestyle. People willing for change get an inspiring, energy-driven entertainment/documentary show and people looking for an entertaining travel show get a treasure hunt show they can interact with from their sofa.


English subtitles available


English subtitles available