A webseries about finding solutions for the planet and for ourselves
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A journey accross Europe using an electric bicycle and trains, looking for philosophers and inspiring people who have found solutions in favour of the preservation of environment and social justice.

A game to save the world is a unique blend of Entertainment - it's a treasure hunt - with documentary. Packed with original encounters, wildness lifestyle and short interviews with inspiring people, each episode introduces solutions to preserve biodiversity and improve the condition of humankind, offering interactive services and social media tie ins: The audience can ask their questions to the contributors and propose their own solutions to Jerome.

We will meet philosophers, farmers, people living an autonomous life, writers, human-rigths NGO representatives, sociologists, anthropologists, PHDs, teachers, spiritual leaders, Youtubers (...) and ordinary people who have interesting thoughts, to discuss solutions on environmental and social topics.

A wide audience worldwide is starving to hear more positive and inspiring news.

This inspiring webseries embraces the people who want change: the goal of the game is to share solutions everyone can gradually implement in their lives as well as inspire investors and inventors, and get closer everyday of Saving the world... And ourselves.

Entrepreneurs investing in non-polluting industries, self-managed farms, recyclying solutions, actions from communities to preserve biodiversity and environment, schools based on children's needs, ecovillages (…) are some examples of solutions.