Funky Tivi - New TV format

Funky Tivi is a unique blend of a music TV format and sitcom set in London and around the UK. Packed with music, comedy, and sci-fi hijinks, each episode intersperses a bizarre sitcom with music segments of real bands, offering interactive services and social media tie ins.

Director / producer + video editor / compositor

I have created, produced and directed web series combining live music performances of hundreds of artists such as Alice Russell, Jamiroquai, Seun Kuti, Souljazz Orchestra, etc... with fiction.

In each episode, audience can discover acclaimed music bands combined with sci-fi comedy in order to keep non-music enthusiasts hooked by the programme. That was a great opportunity to meet and work alongside my favourite music artists.

I have since adapted Funky Tivi into a TV pilot intended to ITV (UK).

Client: Funky Tivi Productions

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