Video Games War

Graphics in video games are unbelievably realistic nowadays and in a near future, it will be absolutely impossible to distinguish graphics of video games from reality.

While video games are played by more than 3.1 billion people - this industry is more profitable than the film industry - numerous popular violent games are played by kids.

And many children can watch any 18+ video games footages on Youtube.

With the enhancement of technologies (deep fake, AI...), it will become a societal problem if we can not make the difference between virtual and reality.

My next project called 'Video Games War' is a dark science-fiction / action drama taking place in 2040.

It follows Akira, a creator of violent video games fighting against his mentor and new restrictive laws threatening thousands of jobs in his company and industry. But Akira has a cunning plan...


Illustration: Sylvain Chevallier

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