Video Games War

Graphics in video games are unbelievably realistic nowadays and in a near future, it will be impossible to distinguish graphics of video games from reality.

While video games are played by more than 1.2 billion people (video games industry is more profitable than the film industry), some popular violent games are used by armies to train their soldiers.

I am a video games enthusiast. However, I often ask myself: "Where is this industry going?"

The trend amongst the youngest is clearly to go towards more realism and more violence. But how far can it go?

The fact is violent video games are already played by some children and the others can watch any 18+ video games footages on Youtube.

With the enhancement of realism in video games, it will become a societal problem if children can not make the difference between virtual and reality especially in violent video games.

My next project called 'Video Games War' is a dark science-fiction / action drama taking place in 2040. It follows Akira, a creator of violent video games fighting against his peer and against new restrictive laws threatening thousands of jobs in his company.


Illustration: Sylvain Chevallier

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