Disgruntled accountant DANIEL walks to work, rowing with his wife on his mobile, when a striking young woman ISLA tears around a corner crashing straight into him. She dashes away leaving Daniel to pick up the £100 cash she’s dropped.

Daniel’s boss calls – where the hell is he? Today is Daniel’s presentation to the directors. But, intrigued, Daniel decides to first find Isla and a cat-and-mouse pursuit begins.

Daniel finds Isla and returns her money. Isla is sharp and direct and Daniel is drawn in, confessing his miserable marriage and lost dream of becoming an architect. Isla tells him to shape up, divorce and re-train. It’s never too late to change!

Isla gives Daniel the slip but he later spots her pick-pocketing and confronts her. Isn’t she better than this? A chance encounter. Two strangers from different worlds. Reluctantly, they embrace then part.

Daniel’s boss rings to sack him. His wife rings to nag him. Daniel realises his gold watch is missing. With a sinking heart he realises Isla must have lifted it. Disillusioned, he wanders the streets at rock bottom.

Isla is waiting on the Millennium Bridge, apparently repentant. Dangling from her finger: his gold watch. In Daniel’s eyes, a glimmer of hope.