Suzie (actress) Vince (actor) Suzie & Vince reading the script
Vince (actor) Suzie & Vince (actors) Jerome (director)
James (field producer) Jamie (Dop) Jamie (Dop)
Make-up Nazan & Markus (make-up and hair artists) Charlie (production assistant)
Suzie (actress) Suzie (actress) Blocking the scene
Emma & Charlie (production assistants) Taï (actor) Stefano (1st assistant director)
Filming in the street Stefano (1AD) & James (field producer) Stefano (1AD) & James (field producer)
Stefania (sound recordist) Jamie (Dop) Blocking the scene
Filming in the street Filming in the street Jerome (director) & Hugo (cameraman)
Filming on green screen Joe (1st assistant director) Jerome directing Fox
Fox (actress) Fox (actress) Bear & Fox (actors)
Filming on green screen DIT processing